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    The Best Preschool, How?

    Once you decide your child is ready for preschool, it’s time to find a good program. It may feel peaceful when you visit open houses and see how your kid responds the environment and how do they interact with teachers in the school. A lovely place filled with positive energy and love brings the best out from your children. It is not the market defines which is the best preschool for your kid, your kid’s smiles will define what is the best kindergarten for her.

    What are your priorities?

    Have you decide what you want? Are you looking for a preschool near your workplace, or would one closer to home be more convenient? Do you want the curriculum to include activities such as phonics, music and arts? Are you looking for a specific approach to learning; play base Montessori, academic excelling Kindergartens, local or international curriculum? Does your preschool provide you your priorities?

    Visit and Talk

    You can ask a few preliminary questions over the phone or see pictures of it on the internet but you won’t get a sense of what a preschool is really like until you go there and meet the staff. Ask us about everything from hours, fees, and vacation schedules to philosophies on childbearing topics such as discipline and nutrition. Also, get a copy of our leaflets for references. Observe us by your bare eyes. At last it is a personal decision for your kid, we all want the best.

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    Mosaic Kindergarten program is a half day program from 8 am to 12 pm. This is a fundamental kindergarten education based on British EYFS system and Singaporean ECDA standards.

    • Strengthen all areas of their development
    • Conducive environment for learning
    • Explore and unleash full potentials
    • Heighten positive self-esteem
    • Stir his/her curiosity and arouse inquisitiveness
    • Build their own self-identity
    • Learn through fun activities and also through trial and error
    • Establish friendships and strengthen social skills
    • Expand their mind and develop good learning habits that encourage life-long learning

    Chinese Immersion program is an enrichment course can be opted for parents with Chinese background or those wishes their kid to be best suited with Chinese language ability.

    • Creative thinking skills
    • Improve linguistic ability
    • Greater mental flexibility
    • Cultivate a love for learning
    • Develop a love and appreciation for a new language
    • Appreciation for different arts, cultures and dances
    • Aids physical development
    • Improve balance and coordination
    • Develop spatial awareness
    • Enhance control over body movement
    • Develop love for sports and movements
    • Build stamina and endurance
    • Build flexibility and strength in motor development
    • Unleash your child’s inner genius
    • Develop an inquisitive mind
    • Cultivate a love for science and math
    • Excel in creative processes
    • Fun and exciting hands-on experiments Improve critical-thinking and reasoning skills
    • Prepared for local elementary/ international school modules
    • Explore creative movements
    • Develop fine and gross motor skills
    • Learn key fundamentals of music
    • Enjoy moving and grooving to the beat of music
    • Enhance social skills
    • Develop an appreciation for music
    • Learning to play musical instruments
    • Heighten word-blending skills
    • Understand essential letter sounds
    • Cultivate a love for language & literacy
    • Read, speak and articulate clearly
    • Accelerate reading capability
    • Build key reading skills
    • Boost confidence in public speaking
    • Become creative and expressive
    • Strengthen language acquisition and communication skills
    • Overcome shyness
    • Develop social and emotional skills
    • Unleash creativity and imagination
    • Becoming good and confident communicators

    Play & Activity Based Learning is an after school enrichment course.

    • Encourage social interactions among children from different age groups
    • Fun activities and experiences to help children explore their own abilities.
    • Spur children to become better decision maker
    • Stimulate and enrich the child
    • Encourage independence
    • Readily accepts challenges
    • Build leadership skills

    “Kindergarten” program is a half day program from 8 am to 12 pm.

    Kindergarten +5 is a full day program from 8 am to 5 pm.

    Kindergarten + programs are Kindergarten programs with additional selective courses. Please meet us for more information about our courses and promotions.