Ms. Christine Marion Thomson

BSLSE (Ongoing), DCA English Teacher (Trainee)

Ms Christine is an English teacher that is undergoing guidance and training in Mosaic Kindergarten. She assists the teachers in capturing teachable moments and guides the young children during their daily activities.

Christine has always enjoyed spending time with children and after studying child language acquisition for her A levels in the UK, she became even more fascinated with children and how they learnt. Christine also spent a lot of time volunteering in Kindergartens in the UK, and assisting the teachers there in their fun and engaging activities. In addition, Christine also works with young adolescents to guide and assist them as they gained proficiency in their reading skills.

Christine is currently pursuing her degree certification. She is grateful that Mosaic Kindergarten could offer her the opportunity to work in such a great environment with understanding and caring people. She has always wanted a career in teaching and Mosaic Kindergarten has helped her progress to this dream further!