Ms. Shaqina Emma Hilson

CECCE (Ongoing)
English Teacher (Trainee)

Ms Shaqina is an English teacher that is undergoing guidance and training in Mosaic Kindergarten. She assists the teachers in conducting fun and engaging lessons, as well as ensuring each and every child receives the attention they need in order to thrive and learn.

Shaqina has a strong passion for working with children and believe in making the classrooms a safe, fun and exciting place for children to learn and reach their full potential. She is a fun, easy going and creative individual who cares deeply about each and every child’s progress and development.

Shaqina has vast experiences teaching at various preschools in Europe and am currently furthering her studies in the Early Child Care and Education to broaden her skill-set as a preschool teacher. Having different perspectives on early child care education from working at other preschools across the globe, it allows Shaqina to share her experiences and knowledge from overseas to the students here at Mosaic Kindergarten.

Shaqina’s goal as a teacher is to help children excel not only in their preschool years but also in their future years, Mosaic Kindergarten provides a conducive environment to allow that to become a reality.