Our Vision:

Unleash the Shining Star in Every Child

Our Mission:

As human beings, we live a multi-faceted life; we are learners, professionals, family members, friends, neighbours, all at the same time. For us to succeed in life, we should aspire to continually acquire valuable knowledge as well as the necessary skills that are essential in our daily lives.

Hence, to nurture highly competent individuals to take on the challenges of life, we aim:

To provide comprehensive education by providing a nurturing and supportive environment in which a child can grow and develop socially, academically, cognitively, and emotionally.

Philosophy of Mosaic Education:


At Mosaic Kindergarten, we empower our children to learn through meaningful and engaging play experiences, where teachers are the facilitators of their learning. Our learning experiences and activities are designed in accordance with current practices and frameworks to ensure that our children will be able to develop and reach their full potentials.

Our programmes were developed with the understanding that every child is unique and has different needs. Hence, our lessons and activities are designed to be easily modifiable to accommodate children of different abilities, interests, needs and learning styles.

We believe children learn best through purposeful play. Our play and activity-based programme reflects the integration of physical, cognitive, social and emotional, language, and aesthetic areas for the overall development of the child.

The statement and beliefs in our vision, mission and philosophy reflect the position of the ECDA’s Nurturing Early Learners’ Curriculum Framework (NEL) and the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS).

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Mosaic Programme:

We offer enriching programmes to children aged between 2 to 6 years old. Half day programme (8am – 12pm) and full day programme (8am – 3pm/8am – 5pm) are available in Mosaic Kindergarten.

Visit us today and find out more about our internationally recognized programme as well as our after school programmes (Enrichment programmes and play based learning).