Mosaic’s Learning Environment

Every child is a natural born learner. Each child comes into life with wonder, curiosity, spontaneity, vitality and flexibility. Young children have vivid imaginations, creative minds, and sensitive personalities. It is imperative that we, as educators and parents, help preserve and improve on these brilliant characteristics of children as they mature into adulthood. Mosaic Kindergarten’s education environment is designed by experts to feed and increase a child’s natural curiosity, dedication to learning and encourage social collaboration. Little minds’ playful and curious approaches are recognized as the principal resource for learning in our play and activity based programmes which are complemented by a well-defined integrated approach.

Mosaic Kindergarten’s learning environment is purposefully designed to meet the objectives of a creative and demanding curriculum. A well-planned and safe environment equipped with specifically designed learning materials provides the platform for a confident and vibrant learning experience for your child. “Good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason. It’s about caring for your craft, having a passion for it, and conveying that passion to everyone, most importantly to your students.” Besides having multi-talented & highly qualified backgrounds, our teachers are endowed with passion and enthusiasm to teach the little ones with love and devotion.