“Mosaic Kindergarten” means having great fun!

The Best Games of Mosaic Kindergarten! (War of Worlds, kids win! Always ­čÖé ) It is a Great Fun!

All the good games are here in Mosaic Kindergarten. What is more, we create our games to support our curriculum and education approach and enjoy them.
Singapore is home to world’s leading education institutions. Quality academical education and loving hearth’s warmth care goes along in Mosaic Kindergarten to form what we call: The best Preschool in Singapore! Mosaic Kindergarten serves children aged between 2 and 6. Mosaic Kindergarten is a better choice for parents in the neighborhood as well as parents residing in the far ends of the island because of its proximity to main MRT lines (just next to King Albert Park MRT station), bus stations and highway exits. Mosaic Kindergarten invites you for a coffee or tea to learn more about our education and facilities. Meet us in our premise, we are confident that you will find more than what a good kindergarten is!

In Mosaic Kindergarten, kids are having great fun everyday! British “Early Years Foundation Stage” program has been set in motion with quality standards of ┬áSingaporean “Early Childhood Development Authority” in our premise. Best teachers in their fields are serving your child/children with love and care full of their hearths.

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