Ms. Cassidy has a strong passion for working with children and believes that being an early childhood educator is more than just a career but it is a journey to serve the community. Every step and piece of knowledge a child learns of the world is how our future community will turn out to be. As an aspiring educator with her knowledge and skill set, she hopes to provide children with a comfortable environment and purposeful learning experiences suited for each individual. She believes that teachers should not be dictators in children’s learning, but facilitators that guide and learn with the children.

Cassidy is an assistant teacher that is undergoing guidance and training at Mosaic Kindergarten. She assists the main teachers in ensuring each child receives attention and that their individual learning needs are met to ensure every child has quality fun and engaging lessons. She also makes sure that the classrooms are a safe and conducive environment for children to explore and learn about the world.

Cassidy’s goal is to make use of positive encouragement to inspire each child to not just excel academically, but also in every aspect of their development in the early years. She hopes that all children who graduate from Mosaic Kindergarten can transit smoothly into formal schooling. Cassidy also wishes to spark the children’s love to learn and explore the world in their early years. She hopes that this will help children cultivate an interest for lifelong learning. She feels strongly that her role is to facilitate children’s learning and encourage adoration, fondness and enjoyment for education, in every fun way possible.

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