Ms. Ellie is a fun, loving and caring teacher that cares deeply about each child’s growth and development. She loves interacting and working with the children due to their highly infectious energy. Their carefree mind and willingness to try new things are what inspired her to follow her own dreams as their confidence and ambitions are so strongly focused. Ellie enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with the children through their daily chatter.
In Mosaic Kindergarten, Ellie works closely with the teachers to facilitate fun and concrete learning experiences that helps the children learn. She strives to create a fun and safe learning environment here as she believes that kindergarten is an important stepping stone for the children to find themselves and their interests. Ellie is excited to be part of their journey at such an important age of their development and is eager to watch them grow.
Aside from her active role at Mosaic Kindergarten, Ellie keeps herself busy by engaging in activities such as Muay Thai and CrossFit as she believes that it is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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