Ms. Lu Qin Fen is a passionate and patient teacher who loves to work with young children. She moved to Singapore in 2001 with her family and knowing that working with young children is the career that she would like to pursue, she followed her passion and obtained a Diploma in Pre-school Education- Teaching from Froebel Academy in 2004.

As an educator, Qin Fen is patient and understanding towards children’s needs, as well as encouraging and supportive towards their growth and learning process. Having worked with children for more than a decade, she believes in the importance of providing ample time and space for these young children to explore and discover their potential and interests. They should not be rushed into completing a task or embark on tasks that they are not ready for. Qin Fen trusts that these meaningful experiences will cultivate their love for learning.

During her free time, Qin Fen enjoys spending time with her family and guiding her boys in their school work.

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