Ms. Song Zhen has attained a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Nanyang Institute of Management. She went on to pursue her studies and earn her Bachelor’s Degree from Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). Song Zhen believes life is a continuous process of learning and has attended various short courses to heighten her teaching.

Having many years of experience teaching senior classes, Song Zhen has coordinated and led numerous year-end graduation concerts. She has watched many children soar and graduate under her care. Song Zhen enjoys challenges and she is always on the look-out for events or projects that will improve her teaching pedagogy and experiences. She has worked closely with the community and participated in various big-scale projects and events that will heighten children’s learning such as “Start Small Dream Big”, “Simple Machine”, “Art Meets Nature” and “Singapore World Water Day”.

Song Zhen is a creative and enthusiastic teacher who is constantly improving her teaching strategies and ideas to make learning more engaging for her students. She hopes to help these children acquire the skills to comprehend and appreciate the Chinese Language and its culture. Although she is an educator, in the eyes of the children Song Zhen is a friend with whom they can learn and grow together. She enjoys interactions with children and understands their developmental needs. Song Zhen believes that every child is special and unique and her hope for the children is to watch them blossom and develop their interest and love for the Chinese language.

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